Tastemaker Q&A:

  • GT: Why do you love Seattle/the PNW?
    ZS: The PNW has been home. A sense of comfort and the first place where we established our brand ZoeSweets.
  • GT: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone with aspirations of being successful?
    ZS: One very important piece, that we are actually still refining, would be consistency. You really need to be consistent with all aspects of your business in order to see any progress or success.
  • GT: How would you describe your personal style/brand?
    ZS: Well our brand is the perfect blend of both of our styles. We both have really different style taste but working together we find a good balance. We are both drawn to bright colors so one thing we can always agree on is a great pop of color.
  • GT: What keeps you motivated? How do you keep from getting stale?
    ZS: We both push each other and it's a blessing because when one gets stuck in a creative rut there is someone with the same dream and end goal right there to inspire you and get you back on track. We cut and sew everything from scratch so it's easy to be motivated to pump out new designs. It's also easy when your motivation is fueled by your passion.
  • GT: How do you balance so many projects?
    ZS: Besides writing it down (LOL) we also use each other. We rely heavily on each others brains. It's kind of like not remembering the name of something and then boom, it hits you. We are each others "boom."
  • GT: What drove you towards your profession?
    ZS: We both have had the passion for fashion design at very young ages..before knowing each other. We met, discussed our shared passion and it just kind of clicked. Our ideas were different yet in sync. Definitely, God's Plan.
  • GT: What's on the horizon? New projects?
    ZS: We are currently sewing a new collection that we will be showcasing on April 6th at Culture Fest 4 in downtown Seattle. We also release new pieces frequently throughout the month. Tap into our social media to get all the latest drops and of course shop online at www.ZoeSweets.com.