Tastemaker Q&A:

  • GT: Why do you love Seattle/the PNW?
    SP: That's where my roots are! I was born and raised on the peninsula - the forest will forever by home. haha
  • GT: What is one piece of advice you would give to so- meone with aspirations of being successful?
    SP: Don't spend your life doing something you're not passionate about. When you actually enjoy your work, success doesn't feel like some end goal, you get to live it every day.
  • GT: How would you describe your personal style/ brand?
    SP: I feel like it's always changing but my main goal is to encourage others through the telling of my story. You can do anything you put your mind to. Life is a lot more complicated than an inspirational quote, but I like to believe that if I can be successful after all the crazy things that happened to me, so can you.
  • GT: What keeps you motivated? How do you keep from getting stale?
    SP: I take this day by day. Some days I can be super motivated and inspired and sometimes I don't get out of bed until 1pm. haha I try my best to set small goals so I feel successful more often, and when I feel successful I feel motivated to keep going.
  • GT: What's on the horizon? New projects?
    SP: My very first full-length album, Flight Risk. Most of these songs were written when I was 18/19, so it's pretty amazing to finally see them come to life. I had the lucky chance to work with some of Seattle's best producers, engineers, and studios - I might explode from excitement when it drops. We haven't set a firm date, but you can expect it in May 2019!